"A writing to take to heart" 

Usually when we get a chance to write about Islam, we try to impress the readers with our Scholarly capabilities and try to impose our views and get tangled in either political and economics discussions or start hair splitting of factional differences and minor views of Fiqh.  In doing this, we usually stay away from the practical of Muslims and for this reason Muslims show little interest in our writings and speeches.  Only the people interested in fueling the factional quibbles carry their favorite orators or writers and speakers on their shoulders to showcase them. By material support of such admirers, the worldly needs of these self serving preachers get solved too.


However, our friend Mr. Shams Jilani has shown the capability to express himself excellently, apart from being a practical person himself.  He not only has an exemplary past but also works with the ambition of creating his own world.  Having these capabilities, when he found an opportunity to write in a popular and established weekly newspaper of Canada, he started writing articles for Urdu readers about the problems of people living in this environment.  His writings related to the complete practical life of Muslims living in Canada.  He has emphasized only the aspects of practical living and adapting to life of a Muslim in a foreign land like Canada in relation to praying, sociology and problem-solving in a family situation. 


I have had opportunity to look through the articles that Mr. Jilani has written and in that light I can say without any hesitation that he has written these with utmost kindheartedness and concern for the limitations and pitfalls and has suggested ways to correct these in a very enchanting way.

It is a matter of pleasure that these articles have been published in a book form and in this way it will benefit people even better.

I pray to Allah that may this book be popular and beneficial, and people who have participated in its publication may get rewarded according to their intentions.  Amen.


(Hazrat Maulana) Sayed Wasih Mazhar Nadvi Former Federal minister Religious affairs government. of Pakistan