A Practical Guide to Human Rights in Islam


 Haqooq ul Ibad

By: Shams Jilani  (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Translated by:  M. Rafiq (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Chapter1  Islam is way of life


Mutual understanding
Chapter 3 Salaam is ferd

Chapter 4

Believe in Allah
Chapter 5 Haqooq Allah( rights of God)

Chapter 6

Practice of arkans is training

Chapter 7 Benefits of salat

Chapter 8

The fasting in Ramadan
Chapter 9 Zakat(  alms or poor dues)

Chapter 10

Sacrifice  Tawakal wa yeesar
Chapter 11 Un-Islamic attitude Chapter 12 Five pillars of Islam
Chapter 13 Democracy and Islam Chapter 14

Our responsibilities as Muslims

Chapter 15 Joint responsibility in Islam Chapter 16

Best behavior (HUSAN-E-SALOOK)

Chapter 17

Mutual understanding in couples

Chapter 18 Scissors of love
Chapter 19

Greed and lust ( Hirs wa Hawis )

Chapter 20 Extravagance ( fazool khurch)
Chapter 21 Mutual relations Chapter 22 Hazoor ki Uzdwaji Zindgi
Chapter 23 Bindings on husband and wife Chapter 24

Division of work Between hus/wife

Chapter 25 Firmed promise (qoal e sadid) Chapter 26

 Behavior with relatives (Sila Rehmi)

Chapter 27 Severance of relation Chapter 28 Relation with in laws
Chapter 29 Respect to elders Chapter 30 Right of juniors
Chapter 31 Sanctity of mosque Chapter 32 Mosque made useful for ummah
Chapter 33

Effective use of mosque...

Chapter 34 Generation gap
Chapter 35

Community halls

Chapter 36

New era and elders combined efforts

Chapter 37

Elders rule in new atmosphere

Chapter 38 Seniors as a volunteer
Chapter 39 Need to prepare our new syllabus Chapter 40

One ness of Allah ( surah ikhlas)

Chapter 41 Benefits of Islam Chapter 42

Muslim as a nation

Chapter 43

Why we need alliance with Allah

Chapter 44 Why fallowing of prophet (pbuh)
Chapter 45

Why the fallowing of prophet (pbuh)

Chapter 46 Why follow prophet (pbuh )
Chapter 47 Now our own Accountability    

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